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The whole business model of GW will be turned up on its head if not already by 3D printing. GW has had a bad habit of selling models at a premium, and it will be getting more noticeable as more artists make more miniatures that are comparable or better to GW's selection.
Yes, and also the pre-painted stuff. There are a lot of threats, and you have to include the secondary market.

I'm still fleshing out my 2nd ed. armies and while I have used non-GW figures for several armies (chiefly Eldar and Imperial Guard), in the last few weeks I was shocked by how cheaply one can get otherwise decent kits from earlier versions.

Also of interest: GW's obsessive desire to trademark all their armies is making item descriptions really long. But you can still find what you want with some patience.

The problem is that GW wants to use recognizable archetypes but then pretend that they alone thought of them and no one else can use them. It can't and doesn't work. It doesn't matter how many extra consonants and vowels you use, everyone knows the Aelddiearri (or whatever they are calling them now) are the flipping Space Elves.

And the fake British Public School Latin terms for the Imperial forces fools exactly no one.

I do have to wonder, though: which GW staffer was the one who came up with Lionel Johnson's poem as the basis of a chapter with a "dark secret"?

I mean, back in the 90s they were having a jolly time throwing around literary and pop culture references, but in the pre-internet era, coming up with "The Dark Angel" as the basis of a Space Marine Chapter was truly inspired.