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While there are some issues I have with a couple of core rules in 7th, it's very playable if you use the Ravening Hordes lists from 6th.

The nature of a dead system brings up divisions. People make the decision to not play Age of Sigmar and are left with analyzing what they want from the game. If 8th wasn't really satisfactory, then they'd have no real reason to stick with 8th. Even 8th edition players couldn't come to a consensus as far as what they wanted. T9A is a testament to that.

When it came time for me to decide exactly which edition fit best with what I wanted from a gaming system, 6th was the only answer. Others may have a different idea, and that is where you get things like Oldhammer, Classichammer, T9A, even people leaving to play Kings of War or any other system that may cater to the type of game they want.
I think it was a huge mistake for GW to move past 6th. They could have refined the books, ironed out various issues, but I really liked that version. While some armies weren't very good, the RH lists combined with 6th was probably the most balanced version GW ever produced.