Yeah baby! We're back!

Well it has been 3 years since my last painted 40k mini... Command squad for the 100th Cadian 'Shadow-corpse' if my memory serves me right but its been at least 4 years (maybe more since I've actually played.

The coming Fall of Cadia, Deathwatch, Genestealer cults and Sisters have stired the sleeping giant (well that's an exageration if I've ever made one!) and I'm back with an army of The Schola Progenium, the orphans of the Imperium. Starting with the path from orphan to stormtrooper to Commissar. A brutal life of indoctrination and constant war should keep me out of trouble....? maybe

Here's the man in charge. Ever vigilent for those ruthless, unshakable and loyal enough to be recuited into the Commissariat (a test which often involves making them conduct a field execution... even better if it's a close comrade).