I'm considering starting a Tamurkhan campaign in the future and thus I'm looking for some advice concerning the Chaos Dwarves. What, you thought the Warhammer world just blew up? Not here I tell you. Warhammer has never been more fun so there is no reason to let this forum waste away.

Anyway, I'm kind of a veteran player so I know my way around around the game. However, I'm entirely new to Chaos Dwarves and they're hardly ever disscussed online so my knowledge about them is kind of limited. And since even Chaos Dwarves Online doesn't seem to answer my questions I thought I'd try my luck here.

Basically what I seek is a confirmation that the ideas I have about the army are correct, and where this is not the case I'd be grateful for a correction so if someone knows about these things please help out. For example, like this:

Concerning the Iron Daemon War Engine, I have read the rules again and again but I'm still not sure what to make of it. I get it is supposed to be a literal pain train, and it certainly is capable of mulching entire units of infantry. However, it has no attacks and once it is stuck in close combat it seems entirely dependent on 3 puny Dwarves to defend it. So basically against units that are not susceptible to its Thunderstomp it's screwed. That means any old Pegasus Knight or Goblin Wolf Rider charging it in the flank or rear can pin it down for the entire game. Is this correct? Isn't this kind of... flimsy for a unit that potentially costs 300 points upwards? It seems like a huge gamble to take it.