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    Which Mark for Minotaurs


    for the purposes of the End Times I'm in the process of painting up a small Beastmen army. Small as it may be though, I plan on including the infamous "Minobus". The problem is, I have no prior experiences with Beastmen so even though I have read all their rules I don't really have a feel for what the army is going to behave like on tabletop.

    I do have an general idea of what the Minobus is and how it is supposed to work. There are lots of tactica on the internet dedicated to Beastmen when you bother to search for it. However, none of these take the End Times and the Legions of Chaos into considerations. So I'm kind of at a loss as to how this would affect them. So maybe we can discuss the different marks here for a bit. Maybe someone has tried these and can share their tale of how they did.

    KHORNE (Frenzy):

    I think we can all agree that Khorne is completely wasted on Minotaurs except maybe for the small fringe case of Minotaurs who are not supported by Characters who offer them Frenzy. Even then they have an easy way to acquire multi-Frenzy themselves so even that is kind of a waste of points in my opinion.

    TZEENTCH (6+ Ward):

    Seems like an obvious defensive choice since everyone is complaining that Minotaurs are too squishy, and I would agree. However a 6+ Ward doesn't offer that much of a protection, and the points start adding up in bigger units. Statistically 1/6 of all wounds are discarded though so maybe a big block (I cuerrently have 9) will start soaking up some damage. It will also definitely help the Doombull and Gorebulls in the first rank by further augmenting their Ward Saves. Maybe this mark could be restricted to the Characters for point saving?

    NURGLE (enemies are at -1 to hit in Close Combat):

    Another defensive choice. This will definitely prolong the stamina of Minotaurs in Close Combat since most things will only hit on 5s while getting a truckload of high strength attacks back. This should be the obvious winner, except for one problem: If they are not in combat the Mark does nothing to aid them. So against opponents with heavy shooting bias Tzeentch might be better?

    SLAANESH (automatically pass Fear, Terror and Panic):

    A bit more subtle than the others. It does not improve their combat performance nor does it help them in the defensive department, but Beastmen suffer from below average Leadership and I have read on occasion that Minotaurs especially are prone to Panic at the worst times, and them turning heel and running for the mountains (and possibly destroyed by the enemy) because some dogs or Ungor Raiders exploded nearby is not something I want to happen. On the other hand, when I have Minotaur Characters holding their hands they gain ItP, removing any and all benefits of this Mark, like Khorne. A strange choice.


    Okay, we're kind of wasting the opportunities the Legions of Chaos offer us in improving our pitiful Beastmen, but it still is an option to consider. Maybe the Minotaurs are "fine" (in a loose sense of the word) as is. Maybe they don't need the support of additional Marks to perform their role. The Marks cost a lot of points after all, and if the Minotaurs can get the job done without them, or if the benefit is not very great, I could buy something else instead; it's not like there is a lack of options with 3 books to choose from.

    (Yeah, I know, the reasonable choice would be to ignore the Minotaurs altogether but I'm kind of a sucker for punishment.)
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