@Ultimate I think GW achieved what they wanted to achieve: profit. I don't blame them for this; their survival depends on it. If WHFB wasn't profitable, what were they going to do? To me, their sculpts are pretty great, and I think just putting the armies together have given hobbyists a lot of pleasure and pride. The seemingly aimless or reckless or conniving (choose one or sub your own) way they roll out rules seems to go on and on. That has not changed. I am not the kind of player who would bring three gigantic models to a 40k game, no matter the rules, nor am I the guy who would bring 7 flying hive tyrants or 7 lazorbacks because I would not want to face that no matter what the rules say. I am the guy who would paint a hundred or more gaunts, genestealers, warriors etc. or hordes of warriors and marauders or hordes of goblins because it LOOKS like an army. To each his own, though, and if you enjoy AoS and the spiffy models, good for you (not sarcasm). I have ultramarines (including about 60 tacticals), so who am I to judge. Still my new project for 3 young lads who have helped me around the ranch is to build and paint up 3 starter forces from Mantic Warpath and to teach them the game or some simpler version of it. Should be fun.

@Commisar Yes, proofreading really is abominable. I will never be an author of any type I fear. Still, Conquest was a game effort, and I hope you had fun with it. If it was easy, well, read through the T9A forum and see how much fun those folks are having. The tournament scene is a good way to sell models, I guess, but I think it doesn't always bring out the best in people. I agree the genre isn't going anywhere, but I fear WHFB where I live anyway will only be kept alive by local gaming groups.