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Thread: Raising the Dead. And rats.

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    Re: Raising the Dead. And rats.

    Clanrats are really quite wonderful in huge blobs (think 40's the limit?) - definitely worth taking. As with many horde armies and units, having more in the unit = more bonuses such as +1's to hit or extra attacks. Clanrats and skeles both benefit greatly from these.

    I run with a unit of 40 skeles and ive considered putting them on a movement tray of types and just taking them off when it comes to combat time as it really wont work at that point. But for moving them around the board it'd be fine - you have to stay within 1 inch of another model in the unit - there is no such thing as being too close to other models in your unit.

    Also in combat moving individual models becomes very important, as you'll be wanting to surround your enemy. So leaving yourself on a movement tray at combat would really reduce your damage output.
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