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    WarSeer has been attacked

    On New Year’s weekend, we were hacked. A message was left for ourselves and our users. We will not gratify the culprit by repeating the message here. Suffice to say this was a deliberate, malicious attack and an attempt to kill a community. Make no mistake about that. The hacker didn’t care at all about our members. Didn’t care about the hard work you put into posts, threads and plogs. Or that WarSeer is a place where you share your hobby with old friends and make new ones. No. The hacker just tried to take down our site permanently, to mess it up so badly that it would never come back.

    Our security measures are constantly being upgraded, refined and added to and we are pleased to say that we rebuffed his efforts. We did have to take the site down for just over a day to go through and make sure we were safe and to check the integrity of WarSeer. Taking the chance to fix a few bugs, too, that we’d not had the time to do since the rebirth.

    We are sorry that at the time we announced maintenance and could not tell you until now what had happened. We had to do this avoid tipping off the hacker until we had removed all the ways they could access the site. But we wanted to share the facts as soon as we could because this is your site, your community and you need to know. We know you understand the reason for secrecy.

    We have had to temporarily disable the new gallery and tapatalk (which we had just reinstalled) to enable us to go through and make sure there are no vulnerabilities there. They will be back this week. People’s uploaded images have not been lost, they are quite safe and once the gallery is turned on again will link quite properly. And of course, photos hosted elsewhere will still embed in posts as they should.

    Some avatars are also not showing nor are some icons but fear not! They are not lost and just need activating again this week. You do not need to reupload your avatar if you have already done so since the Rebirth.

    If we had not been stronger people, this act of malice would have been the last straw after all the hard work restoring the site this year. For someone to try to destroy all that is a sad testament. But, we are stronger. The WarSeer community is stronger than that, too. As people, from long-term users to those making their first posts on the site, came back to WarSeer, we recognised anew what made us want to take over site ownership and rebuild WarSeer in the first place. Because quite simply, there’s no better community of gamers out there.

    We're a site that has earned enmity from some who believe they have been wronged because they haven't followed the rules of the site that are clear to all when you join. But those rules are there to protect all members of our community and ensure smooth running of the forums. Believe us when we say, we're firm but fair as a team and we believe those rules should be pretty easy to follow. We’re always open to a dialogue with those who can politely explain their actions.

    But rest assured, WarSeer will not change. We're committed to being the same, welcoming community for all types of gaming and gamers that we've always been. We owe it to you, the users, to keep it running, to keep it alive. We owe it to those friends and family who were a part of WarSeer but are no longer with us such as Brimstone. The actions of one hacker won't change that. This attack has proven just one thing; that like a phoenix, WarSeer will always be reborn from the ashes.


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