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Thread: Zogoth's bits and pieces for Konflikt'47

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    Zogoth's bits and pieces for Konflikt'47

    It is time for me to take my first steps into Sci-fi or at least it's where I think this is supposed to go. This is where I'm going to post my Konflikt 47 stuff, and since it's not purely historical this is where I ended up.

    But I acctually started my wargaming back in the day with Rouge Trader, and a force of Imperial guards so I have dabbled in some Sci-fi before even though not in many years.

    Konflikt 47 is a weird war game, set in 1947, and the timeline of the world has taken a different turn in 1943. It is pretty much based on Bolt Action, and all of my troops are additions to my existing BA forces.

    I will probably get into the background of the forces a bit more in the future, but for now I'm just kicking this plog of with a few pics of the few things I have painted up so far.

    To start of I have both an german afrika korps force and an british force for the western desert for BA so my K47 stuff is sort of an add on to those, even though the theatre of war has moved to the middle east by now.

    But to start of with the actual models that pushed me to start collecting and painting K47. The british Galahad heavy infantry. I have a small unit of these and that's all the allied stuff I have that's not historical. Much due to the fact that the british have been behind the germans and the US in the release schedule .

    And from there the step over to the wehrmachts equivalent isn't big. The german heavy armoured infantry.

    And these pictures shows how I've tried to tie my forces together, with the same colour-palette as my DAK armoured vehicles, in this case an Pz kpfw III.

    But enough of this pretty “non-wierd” stuff and on to the more “out there” parts.

    To start with an test mini for my german schrekwulfen. My main inspiration for the colours was the common african hyena rather than the more commonly used wolf to fit in with the overall colour-palette.

    And to finish this post of the re-animations project, more affectionately known as the totenkorps.

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