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Very nice painting on these units, I do like that German powered armour in particular. The Rift Grenadiers have been nicely done too! I dare say the models would be quite convincing as generic sci fi troops too.
Thank you!
Yes the models themselves are pretty generic, probably much due to that they are based of WW2 minis to a large extent, the bodys are Warlord Games WW2 british infantry, with other heads and weaponarms. I would also say that the guns pretty much must be based on the EM-2 assault rifle, even though it's a little bit early from a strictly historical view.
And this is one of the things I really like about K'47, that it is a alt-history game but most things have a plausibility factor to them.

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Great looking game Zogoth. It sounds like the dice deserted you- not too much you can do about that!
Yeah, this game I had two opponents, my opponent and my dice. Thankfully my opponent is one of my most regular opponents and we play quite a lot, so this has happened to us both before (and most likely will again in the future).
His comment pretty much halfway in was, “oo, it's that day today”.