Now unless i am very much wrong, much of the fighting in the Heresy was conducted by mere mortals ( to say nothing of the crusade), but i am finding ever fewer of them gracing the pages of any and all HH books. Now i know and realize that the HH is THE major marine conflict, but i feel without hordes of at least background armies clashing it makes the HH and the Space Marines themselves seem somehow smaller.

The tallarn books are a great example, where the majority of the fighting is done by regular joes, terrified by gas they cant survive, the outside world which would eat them alive, and always 1 crack of their metal box away from death, when out of the mist a contemptor walks out, or a terminator squad walks up to a bunker door and tears there way in. It makes the Heresy seem like a actual war, while the Marines seem like actual Legiones Astartes.

Compared to say the Ultramarine Primarch novel where thousands of marines are deployed with 0 army, navy or Mechanicum support shown ( tho the way the battle is writted 1 titan would make the entire fight pointless).

This is also the case of the Mechanicum, where the better books ( Know No Fear, First Heretic, Legion) will at least include them as background or supporting many just seem to pretend they are not there.

Now i know a pure Army book is not likely ( tho would actually end up serving as a showcase of WHY the Legions are needed and special), its still something i would like, as are more pure Mechanicum books ( especially in this era where dogma was not as tightly controlled).

What are other peoples thoughts?