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I'm giving this thread a bump because if the Old World is indeed coming back, that might offer some new scenarios that could be "reto-fitted" to earlier editions.

Another thought would be to take similar armies from different editions and see how the tactics change edition-to-edition.

By that I mean, grab 1500 points of high elves and 1500 points of orcs, and build similar armies in the different systems and see how the match-ups differ.

BTW, when I was working on the Conqueror revision, my 'test armies' were the back-of-the-book samples in the 5th ed. books.
I've seriously thought about going back and playing the exact same game with all the rules sets from 5th to 8th, and now with whatever this new set coming out winds up being. I'm not sure it'll drastically change my preferences, but it may make me a little less harsh towards other editions.

May. No promises...