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Thread: "We are but pawns of the Great Game" A Warhammer Quest Tale

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    "We are but pawns of the Great Game" A Warhammer Quest Tale

    "Gather now about the fire. Huddle close to its light, for this is a dark and terrible tale. A tale of the Silver Tower

    Hello to all, to those who know me I have experimented many times with different attempts to make my Quest dungeon but due to family reasons were sold to make money and restarted later on. With the release of Silver Tower, I was wavy with the idea of being in just a Tower and that GWS just slap the name to a new board game. But worries aside the game is good and a inspirational for my project came from the Silver Tower Adventure Book page 3 of a Lord of Change grasping within his claws two dice.

    Silly i know to base a project on that one image but from that I remembered the film Jason and the Argonauts where the men were but pawns to a game of the gods. and I thought what if we were the gods as players controlling the models in a world of the original Warhammer quest using the silver tower rules. Where we see the models on a board floating in the denzions of the tzeentch world but the models see only their world of stone and earth. I took the project at full speed and decided to try a make the Original Quest with the new rules for silver tower.

    My games will be heavily influence by my main band of Heroes which will be based around a witch hunter that his adventures will be games against undead and daemons and greens.

    So the Story so far....

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