Inspired by this new area of the site I have dug out a stack of my old game books, as I youngling I read/played a number of these books, and don't think I ever beat any of them.
My all time favourite was The Citadel of Chaos, which had a great grittiness to it. I went on to play my first pen and paper role playing game with a group based in this game universe using books such as Out of the Pit and Titan as source material. (The GM killed me off really early, because as irl I'm a vegetarian, I refused my character to eat a giant owl... I think I was only about 10 at the time).
So, the books that I've just come across in a big old box are:
- 2 - The Citadel of Chaos
- 3 - The Forest of Doom
- 4 - Starship Traveller
- 6 - Deathtrap Dungeon
- 8 - Scorpion Swamp
- 11 - Talisman of Death
- 13 - Freeway Fighter
- 14 - Temple of Terror
- 32 - Slaves of the Abyss
I have decided to read/play Freeway Fighter first, it has a big red car with machine gun turret on the cover with a couple of glam looking road warriors. The blurb describes a post Apocalyptic world with violent bandits and small fortified towns, and a mission to travel with vital supplies to the town of New Hope...
Putting on my best fingerless gloves and backcombing my mullet, I roll for skill, stamina, luck and my Dodge Interceptors Firepower and Armour... and turn to 1...