Without wanting to assume, Mushroom (I'm simply going off wat you put above) - the problem might just be the game/system. My assumption was you were playing D&D? (I say this as you mentioned stuff like magic, being in a room and a fight starting).
There's nothing wrong with D&D incidentally (it can be used to tell great stories), but it does lend itself very well to a dungeon bash style. I would recommend 6th ed. Call of Cthulhu. If it's being played (and run by the Keeper) in the spirit of the source material, combat is an actively stupid thing to get into and will get you killed in short order - investigation and gathering clues and information is the order of the day, as is preserving your investigators sanity. it's a game that practically demands character interaction, a good Keeper can do amazing things with it, and in any case has some phenomenal published scenarios (arguably THE best ever printed in the form of the epic Masks of Nyarlathotep).

On the other hand, it could equally be down to the GM. They might not even necessarily be bad, but if they don't GM in a style that's right for you, you will struggle to get mch out of the game. I'd suggest talking to the GM about it if possible (and the rest of the group) and seeing what yo all want out of the game. I garantee you no two groups are the same so it could be worth considering other options if it looks like it won't work out for you 9obviously this depends on how many groups there are in your vicinity of course).

A gaming group that gels, with an engaging story is, quite simply, the most enjoyable, most rewarding hobby there is, so do stick at it a bit longer!