Quite smartly riding the Star Wars gravy train whilst they have access to it, Fantasy Flight have announced the Disciples of Harmony expansion for the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game. From the FF site

The rise of the Empire and the absence of the Jedi Order may have caused the Jedi Knights to fade into the ashes of history, but there are still those who know the truth, who refuse to allow the Jedi to become the stuff of legend and myth. Disciples of Harmony is a sourcebook for Consular characters in Star Wars: Force and Destiny, offering players new insights into the path of the Consular, introducing three new specializations, and making available new equipment and Force powers.

The path of the Consular is one of balance, which can lead to difficult choices in more traditional, combat-oriented campaigns. Disciples of Harmony offers Game Masters multiple avenues to incorporate their Consular characters into the adventure without disrupting their dedication to balance and the preservation of life. This supplemental sourcebook includes instructions for establishing mentors and practitioners of alternative Force traditions as well as diplomatic scenarios and adventure hooks that can flesh out a campaign setting and expand it into the wider Star Wars galaxy.

Out 'Q2' in 2017, it can't be that far off.

What do people think of the Star Wars Roleplaying games? There seem to have been quite a few in my time and they've all ended up becoming a bit fan-ficcy (much like the Expanded Universe in that way) for my tastes. Is this game worth getting into?