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Thread: Space Hulk expansions

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    Space Hulk expansions

    Hi all. Since picking up a second box of board sections for Space Hulk, I got thinking - how difficult or easy would it be to re-create all the Space Hulk campaigns etc? I picked up the campaigns book and next on the list are both genestealer and deathwing expansions.

    Would be great if GW re-released both expansions, as we have lovely hybrid models and terminators.

    Any how I am trying my best to bring back the excellence of the game.

    You thoughts on this are welcome.
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    Re: Space Hulk expansions

    Yes. And no. I'd love them to expand Space Hulk - but I don't particularly like the old expansions. If I could have my way I'd probably ask for the following:

    2 wide corridors as well as 3 wide.
    Power Armoured marines as standard.
    Simplified psychic powers a la 3rd edition, and only a couple of GS blips to represent psykers.
    Another 12 mission campaign rather than the 6 and 2 missions the original expansions had.
    Interactive board sections (ones with unique rules).
    Snap fit figures including a Boarding Shield team.
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    Re: Space Hulk expansions

    Have you ever looked for Starquest? That used to be a board game along the lines of what you describe.
    Published by GW with MB Games.
    One can find the rules boards etc. on this site, in German and English
    Frankly, I would love to see this game again. It was the change from collecting to playing 40k for me...

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