Hi all.

Spoilers, I guess, for Heresy books regarding Magnus the Red. I haven't read them, I don't know if what I've got comes from those, but I guess it does.

I've read recently that Magnus resisted becoming a daemon prince because he wanted to hold on to his power and who he was. Which made me think "good concept, ultimate power at the cost of everything else. Neat"

But wait... aren't Daemon Princes connected to their own personalities, memories and abilities? Haven't we seen DP's with very acute personalities? What does it all mean? Is Magnus the same, psycologically? Is he "possessed" by the will of Tzeentch? Is he bound to obey It?

I'm not asking for a canon answer, of course. GW will change whatever they need when they need it, but I'm curious to see what people who know more about 40k lore think.