Over the years i've seen so many posts where people have said things like “They should advance the plot!”, and it really annoys me. Recently I've even seen a few people say things like “Chaos should win, they should destroy Terra and the Emperor so the Imperium loses for once and becomes the underdogs!” and it just gets so frustrating seeing these things. To me it shows a complete lack of understanding of W40K and what it's supposed to be yet so many seem to want things like that to happen.

My biggest worry with the recent W40K “End Times” rumours is that they'll change things in such a way that by the end of it, it won't be W40K anymore; even if the universe itself is still there like GW have said a few days ago. I really don't understand why anyone wants things to advance in such a way that the entire core of the setting is changed. Even something like bringing back a Primarch (which lots of people seem to really want to happen) would be terrible because of the implications it has for the Imperium and the overall setting, not to mention they become just another character and the mystery to their fate is gone.

It's a bit difficult for me to explain why I'm against it happening. I understand wanting to know what happens, but if you want or expect that with W40K, I think you're sort of missing the point of it. W40K is a setting. It is not a story that is ever meant to be resolved or have any sort of ending. There are stories within that setting which progress – the campaigns, novels, lore in the rulebooks etc. which is used to tell some sort of narrative, but the setting as a whole is static and unchanging on purpose. People seem to completely miss the point of why it's like it is when they ask for things to change in such a way that it would no longer be W40K as we know it.

It's difficult to think of examples of settings that were designed with a similar purpose to W40K. It isn't like Star Wars or the LOTR where it's meant to tell you a story and is designed specifically to progress and change as it goes on. You are not meant to have these things resolved. There is no 'plot' for W40K, no one is ever going to win overall. The whole point of things as they are is that it's a horrible, bleak setting where everything is already bad but is going to get even worse, and there's no hope. It is static for a reason.

There is a huge difference between progressing the stories told within the setting and progressing the setting itself. If these things happen, and it ends up going back to roughly how things were before, I wouldn't have a problem with that, but fall of Cadia seems like it might have started to do make irreversible changes to parts of the setting that have been there for years, which is not going to be a if it continues along those lines. People are only going to keep wanting more and more until it's no longer W40K as we know it.

I don't think W40K needs any sort of progressing at all. Does anyone else feel this way about it? Can anyone explain why it shouldn't better that I can?