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Thread: Tzeentch Allegiance abilities

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    Tzeentch Allegiance abilities

    First of all I think the tzeentch battletome is excellent however I was disappointed with one revelation. Before AOS in 8th edition my Tzeentch army was predominantly Chaos Warriors (now slaves to darkness) with monsters and tzeentch daemons. However I themed the chaos warriors and monsters around the tzeentch colour scheme.

    Now I have added more daemons, Kairic acolytes, Tzaangors, Gaunt Summoner plus the silver tower minis, I was looking forward to incorporating my old tzeentch army. I was loving the new allegiance abilities that you can delve into if you have tzeentch allegiance. Now as I haven't bought a battle tome before I have only used the grand alliance allegiance abilities found in the general's handbook which would be fine as all the models I have mentioned have the CHAOS keyword.

    Then it hit me. My old models won't have the tzeentch key word! I was relieved that the slaves to darkness can be given the mark so they can be utilised in grand allegiance. However I was really annoyed that some of the monsters particularly the Mutalith Vortex beast and chimera can't be given the tzeentch key word. To me the vortex beast screams (pardon the pun) of tzeentch with its original colour scheme and aura of mutation. Even the chimera looks more tzeentch than any other god. It annoys me that to use all these great new allegiance abilities I can't field two of my favourite models.

    I don't suppose there is any way round this? Might it be possible in the future to give these monsters a mark? Don't get me wrong I think it makes total sense that models from the other gods and skaven shouldn't be fielded in a tzeentch aligned army. However some of the monsters should definitely qualify just like the slaves to darkness do.

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    Re: Tzeentch Allegiance abilities

    House rule maybe? I was equally shocked that slaughterbrute doesn´t have the khorne keyword. (nor very good rules). I suppose all we can do is hope GW makes new warscrolls for them, but I wouldn´t keep my fingers crossed. The models are great tho, so there may be a small chance.

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    Re: Tzeentch Allegiance abilities

    I'm running the MVB as a Gigantic Chaos Spawn currently. I imagine we'll see a 'Monsters Supplement' in the future that will fold those models back in (in various ways).

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    Re: Tzeentch Allegiance abilities

    Yeah, i would have to agree, that you would need to house rule for those models but a question would be why would you want to include them? They do not have any real synergy with the rest of the new Tzeentch army.

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    Re: Tzeentch Allegiance abilities

    Yeah I hope the monsters get folded back into larger factions as they don't make much sense on their own. I suppose I could use the MVB as a giant spawn! Like I said earlier the reason I wanted to use the chimera and the MVB was out of love for the models. Besides I think they do have synergy (fluff wise) in a sense they are twisted and mutated beasts. Although I'm not saying they have synergy from a competitive stand point. I have not had the chance to use them in a Tzeentch army yet. When fielded in a chaos warrior compendium army the chimera was devastating for me. However that was right after launch in 2015.

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