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Thread: Talons of The Emperor.

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    Talons of The Emperor.

    So Custodes and Sisters of silence finally have their own full lists. This is a weird one, custodes re obviously better to field self contained forces, while the sisters very much scream ALLY to me.

    For myself i am only interested in the sisters. Which i intend to field as allies to my mech in large games and apocalypses. Standard bolter squads are dirt cheap and perfect for baby sitting some of my robots and scaring away nasty psyckers and 1k sons and their thrice cursed force weapons. While Oblivion knights look more then able to go toe to toe with marine characters in combat thanks to their gear, tho a praetor will still most likely come out on top.

    Edit: Just noticed that the sister vehicle is indeed assault, and now the list is complete, as you just stuff transport full of flamers or sword units and move up and truly burn the witch.

    Also at 150 points is it just me or is the Special character truly OP as heck?

    What are other peoples thoughts on this.
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