Apples and Oranges:


Is my face red?

A day or two ago I was apprised that the images I was using for my Hellstrom weapon were of a Chain Ammo weapon called a Mega Gatling cannon. :blush: (Why is there no blush emoji?)

In defence I rationalized that the overall basic counterbalance form is what I was looking for and not the actual details.

But in retrospect it is plain as day that the curved structure on the lower edge of the center section does readily show an ammo belt feed replete with 6 rounds and a bolt action loader.

The ammo box being the rear third section of this very heavy weapon. (The six PVC tubes alone weigh a couple of pounds .)

While both arm weapons at this point weigh 2 pounds each the front end moment of the Plasma Blaster is 4 ounces and 10 ounces for the Hellstorm Cannon.

Detail, details.....

Interestingly enough it is precisely what I was looking for when I first began this multi-barreled weapon I.E. a projectile firing weapon.

So now I have the option of both a 5 barreled energy weapon (redundant with the Plasma Cannon). A quick change Hellstorm Cannon and a six barrel Gatling gun.