One Step Forward Two Steps Back;

I finally bit the bullet and opted to expand the width of the forward deck.

The image below shows the full forward deck before my attempt at modifying the width....

Removing the corner turrets and lopping off a single row of waffle panel on each side I increased the with by 2.25 squares on each side as shown in the two images below.....

This all brings in line the discrepancies and also give me close to the proper number of "Chicklet" crenellations that are shown in the origin Emperor Titan prototype. You can count them if you like.


This will broaden the front of the deck and allow for four more "Chicklet'' crenellations on the ends.

Now all needs be done is add some space fillers and replace the deck panels and I'll be back in business with a lot more room to add detail to the two side structures and the central Quake Cannon fixed mount structure.