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Seems to me like the upper legs are really precariously skinny. When they were all one complete construction I would think they have a fair amount of rigid strength, however now that you've cut and joined the surfaces, I'd be really apprehensive about their strength. You had pointed out at some point that although the model is poseable, the main concern is that it can be "locked into" a pose. Still though, I wonder if you could provide some additional support along the sides, or even, Shudder, rebuild both the upper legs...

Additionally, what's the plan to correct for the angles of the legs. Given that you cut away two bits and spaced them apart, the angles are no longer flush, are you just going to create a new strip to reform the teardrop shaped thigh?
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Will the additional amour that will added to the legs give them the strength you need?
This is my fourth Titan and I am fully aware of how to build the legs (so says the guy who made the upper legs too short. )

but seriously the legs are sufficiently strong to hold up the upper works.

Whatever I add to them will just be window dressing.

I am in the process of designing leg armour coverings that will be pleasing to the eye as well as appearing mechanically functional.

Thanks for the concern and the replies.