Thanks for all the replies;

I was in a playful mood yesterday and decided to spend my time making an Adeptus Mechanicus Icon for the front of the Quake Cannon housing.

After a couple of failed attempts I suddenly remembered how I used to produce them, i.e.

Mount the cut out circle and the center skull (Cast from Green Stuff) bas-relief on a sheet of styrene.

Then glue on the cogs with the appropriate sized strips of styrene. using the next size larger strip. In this case I used 0.030 X 0.100 and 0.030 X0.125 Evergreen Strip Styrene.

I then added the skull metal prosthetic to the right side of the skull and finished off with 0.025 rod for the cables and 0.100 rod for the eyepiece.

This is the smallest Icon I've made so far.

I hope when it's painted it doesn't look as crappy as it does right now.