The Wine Was Sour:

So I threw it out.

I went for broke widening the superstructure deck by about 4 inches which necessitated revamping the ends of the deck.

After struggling with the modification ad nauseum working upside down I managed to modify the left hand side of the deck to allow for the cove moulding on the underside of the crenellations but it was beyond my patience to try to juxtapose the coordinates for the other side. ( I always wanted to use the word "juxtapose" in a sentence.

Anyhow I tore the entire superstructure apart and turned the deck upside down and still it was quite difficult to break out the underside of the deck but a lot easier than working upside down.

Here is what I had to replicate:

mirroring the completed underside.

And the entire underside for reference:

Easy peasy (Not)