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Yes, GW seemed to have stumbled out of the gate with how they handled presenting the lore, although they seem to have worked things out, as the "Shadows over Hammerhal" game is rife with background on the life of a newly restored city of Order in the desolation of Chaos.
Yes, it does seem like Hammerhal is a step into the right direction. I only wish they used real world cultures a bit more heavily. After all, it worked for them before, and there's only so much toponymy you can create with "Hammer", "Sky", "Sigmar" and "Thunder"... I mean, Azyrheim was kind of a nice nod to the -heim part of many Imperial cities in WHFB, but Sigmaron and Sigmarion and Sigmarite and Sigmarabulus... come on.

If Sigmar still remember what's like to be kind-of-Sigfried, to be a Germanic mythological figure, and if he called his first city Azyrheim, he should remember to speak some German and teach them to his subjects!