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Thread: Help with the fluff! - Stormcast Host ideas.

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    Help with the fluff! - Stormcast Host ideas.

    Hello all!

    A friend of mine has made me a gift: some Stormcast Eternals.

    I like the miniatures a lot, but I despise the setting. Since he gave me the minis I've been trying to make them my own, to make the Sigmarines into something believable and full of character. Because dead men in golden armour the weirdest mix of Space Marines and Necrons imaginable.

    BUT. I like that the Stormcasts are dead heroes reborn. It has potential. I don't know why they're fighting, or what they're fighting for, but I like the concept. So I thought: why no improve upon what's there, and fix them?

    Now I have three options, and I'd like to know your opinions.

    - The Exiled Kings.

    These are rusty (bronze-rusty, covered in verdigris and rust) stormcasts that have been forgotten somewhere after a campaign. They were supposed to retreat, but they had the task of defending a human realm, and they couldn't bear to leave those people behind. They rallied and they fought back. They managed to save the cities, and its inhabitants asked them to stay. They became the kings of a human realm, isolated in a pocket of reality, far from home, slowly getting rusty and with no access to sigmarite to repair. This is why they may have relied on less noble metals or plain human troops (enter my Empire army).

    They all have names of dead historical Earth kings. This might be too silly. Nabucchedzar is ok, but at some point Napoleon or Leopold of Belgium might roll in.

    - The Errant Order.

    This Chamber of the Hallowed Knights are all ancient Bretonnian knights. They swore an oath to protect the innocent and the weak, and punish the unjust and the wicked. They do so now that have been reborn, and represent the youngest part of the Host. These are the newest Sigmarines of the Host, questing in the Realms, saving people and trying to prove to themselves, to their Lords and to Sigmar that they are worthy, that they have been reforged successfuly. That they remember.

    They all have Bretonnian names.

    - The Steaming Parade.

    This is just a silly idea: convert the Stormcasts into Balthazar Gelt's Nuln army of steam and magic golems. It's just a WHFB army for Nuln. I'd love this to be a thing.

    I favour the first one, but I'd like to know how likely is it in the broad context of the Age of Sigmar. Can Sigmarines live far from Sigmar? Can they even rust? (mines will, but I'd like to know anyway). Can they... not rebel... but disobey orders?

    PS. Also, no women in Sigmar's Realm. Why is that?
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