Hi everybody,

Been scouring Lexicanum and found a whole bunch of ship classes which were used by the Legions in the past, but Lexicanum itself doesn't mention anything else besides that. Could anybody fill me in with more info (weapon configurations and role/function mainly) on these ships.

The ones I've encountered so far:

* Venom Class Destroyer
* Eclipse Class Light Cruiser
* Gladius Class Light Cruiser
* Bulk Cruiser
* Infernus Class Heavy Cruiser
* Retribution Class Battlecruiser (I'm guessing this is just a mistake and should be a Retribution Battleship?)
* Dictatus Class Battleship
* Infernus Class Battleship
* Lunar Class Battleship (Probably also a mistake since the Lunar is a Cruiser?)

I think the Horus Heresy books by Forge World also include a few specific classes which we haven't seen in the official rules before.

So yeah, any help would be useful!