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Thread: Khorne Bloodbound 2k Army list

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    Khorne Bloodbound 2k Army list

    So I have been working on a list incorporating the Warband Red headsmen. So here is my attempt:

    Allegiance: Chaos

    Aspiring Deathbringer (80)
    - Generalno
    - Goreaxe and Skullhammer
    - Trait: Lord of War
    Skullgrinder (80)
    - Artefact: Chaos Runeblade
    Bloodsecrator (120)
    Bloodsecrator (120)
    Valkia The Bloody (120)
    Skarr Bloodwrath (120)

    10 x Blood Warriors (200)
    - Goreaxes
    10 x Blood Warriors (200)
    - Goreaxes
    10 x Blood Warriors (200)
    - Goreaxes
    30 x Bloodreavers (180)
    - Reaver Blades
    20 x Bloodletters (200)

    5 x Skullreapers (140)
    - Goreslick Blades
    1 x Skull Cannons (180)

    Red Headsmen (60)

    Total: 2000/2000

    So tactics for the list it's mainly focus on getting the skullgrinder to kill the chosen units and buff everyone. Aspring Hero to buff the blood warriors along with the Blood Secrators, Valkia and Skarr to deal with threats. My bloodreavers are the fodder and protection for the Blood Warriors. Bloodletters are there to provide more damage and mortal wounds. Skull Cannon to provide some shooting support and Skullreapers to help against strong units and whittle them down. So tell me what you think?


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    Re: Khorne Bloodbound 2k Army list

    Main issue for me is lack of units - slightly too many characters for my liking and no real tangible threat at 2,000pts

    Some of the named heros hit hard but can go down easily enough, and your rank & file can dish out the attacks but lack killing power (lack of rend kills Khorne)

    You could go MSU for the core battle line units and swap out some of the Blood Warriors for harder hitting units like more skill reapers or dameons

    Lack of speed is brutal in this list too - and Khorne has some fast moving elements in the book

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