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Thread: Tzeentch Arcanites 2k Army list

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    Tzeentch Arcanites 2k Army list

    So I have been working on a list for teh Tzeentch Arcanites who are my next project and this is my first stab at them. I am trying to incorporate the Pyrofane coven.

    Its pleasing to know that my Shaman are considered both Demons and Arcanites which gives me access to all Artifacts/powers. Tactics are after list.

    Tell me what you all think?

    Allegiance: Tzeentch

    Tzaangor Shaman (120)
    - General
    - Trait: Arcane Sacrifice - Tzeentch Arcanite Hero
    - Artefact: Wellspring of Arcane Might
    Spells: Tzeentch Firestorm

    Tzaangor Shaman (120) #2
    - Artefact: Souldraught
    Spells:Arcane Suggestion

    Tzaangor Shaman (120) #3
    - Artefact: Aura of Mutability
    Spells:Shield of Fate

    20 x Kairic Acolytes (280)
    - 6x Pair of Cursed Blades
    - 8x Cursed Blade & Arcanite Shield
    - 6x Cursed Glaive
    20 x Kairic Acolytes (140)
    - 6x Pair of Cursed Blades
    - 8x Cursed Blade & Arcanite Shield
    - 6x Cursed Glaive
    10 x Kairic Acolytes (140)
    - 4x Pair of Cursed Blades
    - 4x Cursed Blade & Arcanite Shield
    - 3x Cursed Glaive
    20 x Tzaangors (540)
    - 6x Pair of Savage Blades
    - 12x Savage Greatblade
    - 12x Savage Blade & Arcamote Shield

    3 x Tzaangor Skyfires (160)
    3 x Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc (160)

    Alter-kin Coven (20)
    Arcanite Cabal (50)
    Witchfyre Coven (60)
    The Pyrofane Cult (80)

    Total: 1950/2000

    General Shaman- Being near either a throwawy unit of Acolytes or the Tzaangors, doing the D3 wounds and with the boosted up range and the +1 to cast from Shaman #3 cast Tzeentch Firestorm and then follow it up with the Flickering Fires to Maximize damage to my oppts units.

    Shaman #2- playing the support role/Arcane bolt caster, focusing on enemy units getting near my troops, he will cast Arcane suggestion to hinder those units. He has the potion for those times when we need spells to go off.

    Shamen#3- Support role, he is to hang around the blocks of troops and cast both Mystic shield and shield of fate specifically on the Tzaangors (once they are in combat) otherwise we are buffing 2 units of Acolytes

    Kairic Acolytes- Shooting twice either focusing on something that needs to die (all buffed with the help of the Shamans and warbands) or spreading it our to wear down troops.

    Tzaangors- get into combat and kick some ass nuff said...

    Tzaangor Elightened- Support charge and also to act as a temporary block for units i do not want charging me yet

    Skyfires- Character Snipe and also support the Acolytes in shooting things dead.

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    Re: Tzeentch Arcanites 2k Army list

    Your points are off

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