@benvoliothefirst: I like how the light green on their faces accentuates their grin. Good job!

@Covering Fire: I am one of the people who started this hobby with Hero Quest a long time ago. I like your Fimir, they are so much better than mine (=painted with enamel paints, not shaded or highlighted).

@Daemonslave: so many in only a month? The Ants are nice, but I like the Wolves more. The colour of their fur looks natural. Makes me doubt the Wolf head I’m painting right now.
It seems the shadows in the face of the noble are washed out by your camera.

@Teh Real New Girl & Blackcherry: Like I said in your plog, you are off to a great start. Finding and painting custom miniatures for a game is great fun.
Painting eyes is a difficult but rewarding task. They give character to the mini. Blackcherry had picked a difficult one to practice his skills. Hats and helmets make painting eyes even more difficult. (I still dread the eyes on my High Elves).

@Doi: I had not seen anything from Kingdom Death yet, so I asked Google. That’s a lot of miniatures. If you paint them all as good as the Dragon Tyrant and Antelope it will be magnificent.

@lorelorn: Glad that you have overcome the stubborn flu. I look forward to seeing the finished Terminators.

@f2k: I think the water, islands and wrecks look great. Keep it up and the set will look fantastic.

@Solun Decius: Looking good, especially the skin on the troll. But I must say that I would like to see them on a plain coloured background.

@Itsacon: The WIP picture of your dwarves looks promising. Are they GW dwarves?

Answer to comments:

Thank you all for the positive reactions.
Lobotomy was on Kickstarter last year (3130 backers) and it is not on sale yet. So it’s not strange that you haven’t seen it before. The players are patients, trying to escape a psychiatric hospital. Maybe the monsters are real, or maybe they only exist in the patients imagination. The killer tire could be something innocent, like a potted plant or a wheelchair.
I will paint the Chief Hospital administrator after the zombies (the mental patients) and the skeletons (the scavengers). Those are my least favourites.
I also bought the ‘From the deep’ expansion and a few extras, like the alternate final Boss Cthulhu. That one will be fun too.