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Thread: “Cadia Stands!” The continuing saga of Jacka’s Orphan Brigade.

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    Re: “Cadia Stands!” The continuing saga of Jacka’s Orphan Brigade.

    I finally got the next lot of Troopers done. Bloody real world stuff. Five from Brown Troop with three Lads from 1st Squad, two from 4th Squad (The Burners) and one from Green Troop 1st Squad (Tank Busters). This is my first Hvy Wpns Squad and they will be armed with Rocket Launchers for stopping Tanks.

    I had better luck with the varnish today and a lot more happy with these six. I am setting my units up based on what I will be getting in the latest Macrocosm KS.

    The first of the 4th Squad known as the Burners. This Veteran Squad will have three Flamers and those with the Flamers will all have red beards. The Leader will be very distinctive as well. They have special markings that have a stylized Flamers embedded in the four.

    The lads from 1st Squad Brown Troop.

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