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Thread: “Cadia Stands!” The continuing saga of Jacka’s Orphan Brigade.

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    CADIA STANDS! For The Emperor! For St Pius!

    “Cadia Stands!” The continuing saga of Jacka’s Orphan Brigade.

    I have now closed my old Imperial Guard Log (12th Cadian Mech Regt (Abhuman Heavy) after it was destroyed during the catastrophic hacking disaster last year. The creation of the new log has been delayed because of a move to my new Forward Operating Base (Change of State) and the development of the Base (Man Cave). In this log I will continue to build on the Orphan Brigade. My IG Army has a lot of Abhumans in it with Squats, Ratlings and Ogryns being well represented. It is an IG Army that was developed and modelled on the Faithful and Damned stories in the Stories and Art thread. Many of the members of my Army have gained a life of their own through the tales. The log will also link into my terrain log which will also start anew. So it now time for an update to the Orphan’s Story.

    Cadia one month before the Fall!

    Jacka knocked on the door, “Enter!” said a voice used to command.

    Jacka entered and stood before the large Nalwood desk behind which sat the Lord Castellan Ursarker. E. Creed, “Sir you wanted to see me?” Jacka offered.

    “Indeed I did.” Creed commenced, “I have a job for you and you may not like it Colonel.”

    “Sir?” Jacka queried.

    “I have a new mission for you and your Orphan’s. This one is vital for the preservation of what we have built here on Cadia.” replied Creed.

    “You have a very unusual command in that the Squats who serve with you have a large fleet of ships which gives you an element of flexibility and autonomy not shared by other Cadian Commanders. This is why I am giving you a new task that will take you away from Cadia.” continued Creed.

    “Sir, the Orphan’s are needed, on Cadia, to assist with the defence against this latest Black Crusade. You yourself ordered me back here to be part of Cadia’s defence.” Jacka stated.

    Creed nodded a negative, “Colonel I did order you back but I had no intention of you joining the fight against this current Black Crusade. That said Matt, after Medusa V I believe that you are the best Commander for this task. I do not think we will hold back the Chaos tide this time and that Cadia fights its last battle. I also believe the end will be sooner then we think. Therefore, I need to insure that Cadia’s legacy is protected and continues to grow even if our home world no longer exists.”

    Jacka knew that to argue was pointless and said, “Your orders Lord Castellan!”

    Creed looked at Jacka and smiled, “Well met Colonel, your orders are simple and a lot has already been arranged for your departure and at your destination. The Orphan Brigade will depart within the month. You are to travel to an argi planet in the Ultima Segmentum. The planet is known as St Pius, a fitting name I do think, and it is one of the Five Hundred Worlds of the Ultima. There you will establish a Forward Operating Base and the eventual RV point for those that survive the loss of Cadia. St Pius will become the new training world of the Cadian Storm Troopers and you Jacka will commence that process. Question’s Colonel?”

    “No Sir!” Jacka replied.

    “Good Colonel Jacka that will be all.” Creed ordered.

    As Jacka saluted and turned to go Creed looked at him again and said, “Good hunting Matt.”

    “Always Sir.” Jacka closed the door behind him.

    One Month Later

    The Squat, Lt Col Stewart Conner, watched on the ships holograph as Cadia came apart. It was not the first time he had seen his home world destroyed. The Squat fleet had left mere days before Creed ordered the final withdrawal and evacuation. The Orphans had not been part of the last exodus and the destruction that followed. They had travelled past the “Phalanx” and its protective shield safely. They had received some loss from traitor attack on the way to the Mandeville Point. This included the total loss of the supply vessel “Charlotte” and damage to the “Prince of Terra” which resulted in the loss of some troops and equipment embarked. The “Prince of Terra” was saved by the intervention of the Strike Cruiser “Supply” which also was damaged during the action.

    “Sir we are at the Mandeville Point.” said one of the deck crew.

    Conner looked once more at the holograph and then ordered, “Fleet wide translation begin!” And the Orphans departed.

    To start this thread off here are some new Man Cave photos. New house is old but the rooms are big. My main Cave is 4.25m x 4.25m and I ended up with a big rumpus room for my stuff as well. My wife is happy as she has all upstairs with none of my crap in it.

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