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Thread: Forward Operating Base St Pius (Jacka's New Urban Project)

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    Forward Operating Base St Pius (Jacka's New Urban Project)

    I have now closed my old terrain log (Kasr St Pius Jacka's Urban Project) after it was destroyed during the catastrophic hacking disaster last year. The creation of the new log has been delayed because of a move to my new Forward Operating Base (Change of State) and the development of the Base (Man Cave). In this log I will continue to build on last year work and commence my table as I now have the room.

    I have commenced building my version of FOB St Pius (Urban Terrain). I have now modified this concept of this thread because Cadia has fallen and the market has dropped out of Real Estate on Cadia.

    This has been a project that has been brewing for nearly ten years and I have been gathering all sorts of terrain for the project. It will be a complete gaming table in the end and will be based on Secret Weapon's Urban Table Scape. Those of you that follow my thread in the Warhammer 40,000 Imperium Thread will know that I have be doing some terrain projects there. Like my fellow IG Commander SDKFZ I have now decided to commence this terrain thread as the project has now gathered it own head of steam! Below is a list of what I have completed in the last two years.

    Urban Terrain Completed

    1 x Bloody Big Bastion
    1 x MA Radar Bunker
    1 x Regt Aid Post
    8 x Wounded, Nurses and Doctors
    3 x Three Tank Set
    2 x Two Tank Set
    1 x Large Fuel tank
    1 x Armorcast Fuel Lines set
    2 x Destroyed Fuel Lines Sets
    1 x GW Fuel Line set
    3 x Tablescape Fuel tanks
    2 x Martyrs Sentry Guns
    3 x Ironclad Minatures Quad Gun Bunkers
    9 x Tablescape 20' C0ntainers
    8 x Tablescape Barb Wire Obstacles
    4 x Dragon Teeth Tank Barriers
    4 x Mine Fields
    25 x Secret Weapon HESCO barriers Hydra Bunker.
    1 x Secret Weapon Destroyed Grot Tank
    6 x Secret Weapon Objective Markers
    20 x Rictus's Stores Pallets and stuffed as well!
    20 x Rictus's Stores Pallets not stuffed this time.
    12 x Stores on Pallets for BOARS
    3 x Faolan Fuel Tanks for BOARS
    18 x Pardulon Tricon Containers
    3 x Sentry Gun Positions
    1 x Faolan Fuel Tank Farm
    1 x Pumping Station
    10 x Micro Art Huts
    1 x Micro Art Generator
    4 x Large Aegis Walls
    4 x Medium Aegis Walls
    4 x Small Corner Aegis Walls
    7 x Armourcast Arty Bunkers
    15 x Pup Tents
    4 x Generators Small
    1 x Forge World Ammo Dump
    4 x Wooden Boxes
    4 x Oil Barrels

    What I am about to start.

    Gaming table
    1 x Power Plant
    1 x Fortress Sky Port
    2+ x Secret Weapon Urban Street Sets
    1 x Secret Weapon Destroyed Urban Street Set
    Numerous destroyed buildings
    4 x Containers
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