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Thread: 'Start Collecting Greenskinz' set and Allegienaces: a question

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    Re: 'Start Collecting Greenskinz' set and Allegienaces: a question

    Quote Originally Posted by Mage View Post
    Hey guys,

    I'm planning out tactics, and a question. If I field the Start Collecting set, since they all have the Greenskinz keyword and therefore the Greenskinz allegiance, the army becomes legal for matched play as there are two Battleline units, the Orruk Boyx and Boar Boyz.

    However, since they are not using the Destruction Allegience (as per the Age of Sigmar General's Handbook) they cannot gain the Allegiance Abilties: Destruction (and the Battle Trait, Command Traits and Artefacts to go along with it)?

    Or should/could I field them as the Battalion included in the set, have it be legal, not worry about the Battleline minimum and add in the Desturction stuff?
    If I understand your question correctly, Greenskinz are still part of the Destruction Grand Alliance, and gain access to Destruction Battle Traits, Command Traits and Artefacts*. However, your army loses the "Greenskinz" allegiance if you select units that aren't listed under that. So if you add a unit of Orruk Ironjawz Brutes (Ironjawz alligence), the Boar Boyz stop being a Battleline unit.

    *Unaware of the Greenskinz got Battle Traits, Command Traits and Artefacts in the Destruction Alliance book, but I don't think so, so regardless you'll always be selecting Destruction allegiance stuff from the General's Handbook.

    As an comparable example, a Stormcast Eternal army, made up exclusively of their units, would let the player choose to either roll on the ORDER Battle Traits, Command Traits and Artefacts, or STORMCAST ETERNAL charts, because it's made up exclusively of units with that keyword. If however, the player were to add in FREE PEOPLES units to represent a mixed force, he can only roll on the ORDER charts.
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