Hey guys,

I'm planning out tactics, and a question. If I field the Start Collecting set, since they all have the Greenskinz keyword and therefore the Greenskinz allegiance, the army becomes legal for matched play as there are two Battleline units, the Orruk Boyx and Boar Boyz.

However, since they are not using the Destruction Allegience (as per the Age of Sigmar General's Handbook) they cannot gain the Allegiance Abilties: Destruction (and the Battle Trait, Command Traits and Artefacts to go along with it)?

Or should/could I field them as the Battalion included in the set, have it be legal, not worry about the Battleline minimum and add in the Desturction stuff?

Or can I do any/some/all of the above that has been covered by an FAQ somewhere?

Thanks in advance.