this is horrible
And I have seen other let's players showing characters with dead eyes and horrible textures.
Again, Bioware has already acknowledge these issues so saying that it's nonsense or somehow made up doesn't do you any favors and makes you look like either a fanboy or a conspiracy nut.
This is a shame since Inquisition seems to blow it out of the water in terms of graphics and that game wasn't even that impressive to begin with considering how good the Frostbyte engine can look(Battlefield 1, I'm looking at you, sweet sweet eyecandy).
Now one can hope that the early access is just that, early access and that Bioware got a nice Day 1 patch that atleast fixes the textures which should be easy enough.
The animations I can grant Bioware that it will be difficult to fix on such a short notice since it takes quite the effort to do so but I don't think it will be fixed. Bioware sadly has always been quite bad at animations so I'm not holding my breath for it.

Now I'm not saying that it's a bad game because of it since as I said, all bioware games suffer from bad animations, you tend to look past it due to the strength of the rest of the game and from what I understand this game does the same but I wish they would put more effort into their games.
They aren't alone anymore and got a serious competitor in CD Project Red who does put in the effort and it pays off. Bioware needs to learn this or better yet EA needs to learn this and give them more time to polish up their games.