We played this last night for the first time; has anyone else here given it a shot? I think it to be an improvement over the original WW2 game. After only one game, my thoughts are that the central powers have to try and grab territories as quickly as possible to boost their IPC's (allows you to buy troops, ships, etc.) whereas the Allied powers need to hold on long enough for the USA to enter the war on the 4th turn. In that respect, it is not much different than the original game but I feel the 'combined arms' aspect of the combat rules are a significant upgrade.

Our game effectively ended in a draw, with the USA just barely getting going, the Italians pushing back hard against the Austrians; the French and British doing the same against Germany, but Russia crumbling hard after getting stuck in a land war in Asia (you know what they say...) and the Turks on the verge of clearing the British out of India(!).