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Thread: We've found ALL THE PHOTOS

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    We've found ALL THE PHOTOS

    They're always in the last place you look...

    This is a bit of a suprise to us, but a delightful one. The Admin Team were recently exploring the unnamable parts of the server (some may call them the Chaos Wastes...) looking for images from before the crash and found something bette than we had ever hoped - all of the site's images from before the crash.

    Now we can't promise it's exactly every image, but there are some odd 90,000 pictures, so I hope you'll forgive us if we can't be perfectly precise.

    Now, because we had to rebuild the site from scratch, the database doesn't know where all the photos need to go so they won't be restored automatically to everyone's galleries. But the images will be available for everyone. How we release them is up to you all so please vote above.

    Not sure what to say other than I'm elated and really excited. I hope everyone shares our feelings.

    Here is a preview of some of the images we've found so far - more are to come.

    blackcherry and TRNG
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