Well folks we've been working very hard on your behalf to bring functionality back to the site and not ONLY did we find ALL YOUR PICS..... but we got the in post attachment button fixed so you can upload your pics to WarSeer and host them here again!

So... just make a post and click the attachment button and select a pic from your pc or phone and voila!! It works.

Also... if you want to create an album of full colour goodness to show off your skills and collect all your images in one place rather than in threads... then go to

Community.... albums.... create album.. ..
Then upload to album..... select your image from your phone or pc etc and the image will be uploaded. Please make sure you name your pics accordingly this will be a big help. (You name the file before upload ).

We will be creating an album or gallery main header next to forum and what's new but for now you know where to find it.

And please rest assured that we back up the whole site and photos etc weekly at least.


TRNG and blackcherry