So some of you may remember my previous Blood Angel plog, which at the time was my third BA army and primarily build for 40k. After a couple of years of getting along FW decided to start releasing shoulder pads, and legion rules and make us all special and the like. So i took the decision to sell my previous army about a year ago, take a break, and come back to the project with (hopefully) improved painting and better minis ( shoulder pads for all!). This army will be 100% Heresy based, centered around the theme of being one of the orphan BA fleets left scattered after failing to join up with the legion at the Signus campaign.

Still at the dipping my toe in stage but happy with the new look so far, got a small army that i am putting together and painting minis based on how well they do on the field ( and tacticals, because you can never paint enough tacticals).

So far done with the apothecary, some tacts ( including what i am using as my BA version of a vexillia) and a contemptor.

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Comments and criticisms always welcome, i do need to work on my camera skills.