Time has always been an issue in 40k. Adepticon is proof of this. 10 hours of Championship and 11 for Team (for a grand total of 21 hours for 9 games) takes a lot out of ya. There are a few fixes that, I think, should happen that would help speed up games.

Time limits - This includes deploying units (not setting up terrain, missions, deployment zones, warlord and psychic traits, and rolling for night fight, deployment turn, who goes first in game, and seizing initiative), reserves phase, movement phase, psychic phase (if there is one in 8th ed), shooting phase, and assault phase (and please understand these are only numbers I'm throwing out, so don't take what I say seriously because situations can change depending on armies). Keep in mind, as the game goes on, with the exception of regular deployment before the game, these times would decrease.

1. Deployment: It shouldn't take anymore than 5-7 min to decide where everyone will go, for most armies, but with horde armies it may take a little longer, like 7-10 min.

2. Reserves: This normally takes like a min 1/2-2 min. This includes deep striking, deploying in terrain, outflanking, and coming in off of the player's table edge.

3. Movement: The average army should take about 4-6 min to move everything. Horde armies, about 6-10 min

4. Psychic (again, if there is one in 8th): Min 1/2 to about 3 min if there's a lot of psykers on the table.

5. Shooting: This is a little more tricky, but I would say about 6-8 min, and horde armies about 8-11 min.

6. Assault: This is also hard to say, but if I had to guess, including overwatch, charges, and CC attacks, this would be about 4, maybe, 6 min for most armies, but hordes a minimum 6 min to about 8.

Again, these are just numbers I'm throwing, and can change, but putting a limit on how long your turns are would drastically speed up the game. Per player turn, a 15 min time limit in turns 2 and 3, roughly, 10 min in the 1st and 4th, and 5 min for turn 5 (if the game goes on to turn 6 or 7 go 5 min as well). So just 10 min short of 2 hours. Of course we could just go 10 min per player turn and the game would be shorter yet, but a little extra time wouldn't hurt. I couldn't begin to tell you how much I hate playing slow play players, especially with horde armies. If limits were put on, and you don't get done what you wanted to get done, it's your fault for not moving things along quicker. Bottom line, this would solve about half, or more than half, of the time issues, especially for tournaments.

Knowing the game rules - If everyone would know the vast majority of the rules, we wouldn't have to keep flipping through the rules to find 1 rule. I understand if it's something that you would like clarification on, but most of everything else, you should know. Streamlining rules (real streamlining, not a complete overhaul on everything that places like BoLs would get you to believe) . Stat cards would make things easier as well since they'll be right in front of you, especially for people who are new.

Game Timer - This could just be me, but this wouldn't hurt. An hour glass or a clock would be a good way to keep things moving.

Ultimately, it still comes down to the players. You want to speed things up, know what the plan of attack is and know what the rules are.These were ideas floating around in my monkey infested brain, but if anyone else has anything better let's hear it.