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    Scratch's 4th edition Fantasy


    At the end of last year i found myself falling out of love with the hobby and subsequently sold off all my collections. Looking for some inspiration I decided to go and visit my local GW store, hoping this would resolve the problem. Turns out it had the complete opposite. There was absolutely nothing of intrest at all to me and I wasn't happy with were the hobby was going generally.

    It was then I started to think back to the early 90's and how much I loved that era of GW. After purchasing a couple of old white dwarfs, (issues 182 & 185) I realised the soloution to my hobbying dilemma was staring me in the face. Why not just collect the models that I wanted so much from that time?

    Move on four months and,

    I'm so pleased with this. Yes the game was unbalanced and everything was painted red but I haven't had this much fun in a long time. My overal aim is to collect several small armies, each around 1000 points and also all the supplements that was released. I'm hoping also to try and keep true to the original paint jobs gw used with the exception of the red overload.

    So progress has been very slow as I'm quite tight and I only purchase things that are a bargain. But here is the start of my empire army.....

    The start of a 20 man halbediers unit

    Also I saw these for a great price so couldn't resist....

    Ostermark is the province I've chosen but I will be including other units for variety. I'm hoping to get some Knights panther and hero on Pegasus (so cool!)

    These models have so much character and we're a joy to paint and I even managed to get the original transphers to work so that saved a lot of work.

    Next up, my 2nd army - Dwarfs - soon to follow!

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