Welcome back Warseer Folk!

Wanted to kick off with a new thread to celebrate the glory that is SBG - for this tremendous hobby is indeed very much alive & kicking!

The onset of winter...

There was a time when for many years we thought we'd seen the last of this great hobby...

The Hobbit was released but after the final movie was aired it seemed like we were in the later days...models being taken off the website, stores stopped stocking the product, we had a period of years with zero support from GW, and all seemed like it was lost...

The gathering storm...

But behind the scenes players were slowly coming together across the Globe to support the scene. In the UK 2 fellows created "The Great British Hobbit League" on Facebook (also known as GBHL). What was just a page for local players to keep in touch with one another then grew to hosting local events that saw handfuls of players attend events, to the stage that it's at now...

- 3,444 members from across the Globe
- Monthly events with anywhere from 24 to 100's of players
- Latest news & releases from Games Workshop

It's a fantastic page to get connected with folks from across the world!

GBHL YouTube Channel

Although of a similar name, this channel is independent of the Facebook page, and showed 2 plucky lads trying to drum up excitement for the hobby. Now the number of hosts has grown to six hosts and has over SIX THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS! Weekly content, videos that would take you an age to watch if you wanted to see them all, it's a great place to keep in the loop with what's going on in our community!

But then came the news that NO ONE expected...

The Rebirth!!!

Games Workshop announced the formation of several specialist game departments including a brand new Middle Earth Team!

Adam Troke was announced as the Manager for the new division and he promptly hired staff and made it known that the license had been renewed with the studio for FOUR MORE YEARS of SBG releases! His announcement shock the SBG word:

1) The source books, long out of print for the Lord of the Rings, were going back into print
2) A new source book called "There & back again" was being released that revisited the last 2 movies of the hobbit - if you saw it in the films it was getting rules & a profile!
3) New sculptors were working on a new range of models using Forge World resin and casting techniques to deliver World class minis
4) There were plans to revisit the Lord of the Rings after the Hobbit was completed and bring out new minis & profiles
5) Old models long thought to be gone forever were brought back into production so now we can buy sets like "The scouring of the Shire" direct from the GW website!

Globally the hobby had also grown massive, independently, and we saw thriving global scenes.

The US has the DCHL
Canada has West Coast Hobbits (BC), the OSBGL, and 2 new groups opening for the Eastern coast and Alberta.
Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and countless countries carry large, thriving groups

There are multiple YouTube channels...

Tournaments galore across the Globe - in fact a young man by the name of James Clark held an event called "Ardacon' in the UK last year and over 150 SBG players descended globally to play games and celebrate all things SBG! (He's holding it again this year!)

Veteran player Dave Nolan (also hosts "Dwellers in the Dark" on YouTube) just ran the 1st ever ETC event for SBG in Germany and it was a very successful weekend that saw Countries send four of their best players to Germany to battle out the other top teams for victory.

The results were Poland Team 1, England, Poland Team 2, for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd out of 16 teams that also had Sweden, Germany, Scotland, Spain, and so on.

So it's never been a better time to revel in this glorious hobby - I strongly urge you to either post here for contact OR check out the Facebook pages - the GBHL is a great central starting place and you'll be directed to anywhere in the Globe - or come visit me in my group "West Coast Hobbits" and likewise I'll show you whose local to you.

The game is alive & kicking and we have MANY more years of love & support coming our way

Happy Strategy Battle Gaming Folks!