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Howdy folks! My group have been playing a Mordheim Campaign for about 9 months or so.
When we talked about starting it, we made a decision to do entirely new warbands, a whole host of new terrain, and make sure that the entire campaign would be 100% painted.

We'd love it if you'd head on over, and join in the conversation! We have now been posting daily updates for a while, and we're experimenting with other post-formats (Stories, multi-image posts, GIFs)

The campaign is centred around the Carnival of Chaos coming to town, and the warbands involved are split; either 'for' or 'against' the circus setting up shop. #thecircusiscoming

We've amalgamated all the official expansions/additional content from the various specialty mags and White Dwarf issues over the years, and on this campaign we've restricted warbands to a certain list of Human warbands to encourage us all to do those new warbands rather than use the same-old-same-old.

There's no goal here other than having some fun gaming, making cool minis and terrain, and sharing the hobby love.

Feel free to give us feedback, ask requests, or say hello!

And we're on tumblr