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    REDEATH's Fantastic MAGNET MINI's log

    I have been Magnetizing my 40K models for years starting with my old Metal Chaos Terminator Models because I did not want to have to buy multiple sets if I wanted to try a different Weapon Loadout. Of course now it is way easier to do with Resin and Plastic models. I also have been doing it over the years to fund my hobby by selling individual models and or squads with ALL the option Magnetized. So now with the 8th Edition coming I need to build up the warchest and I figured I would show case some of my magnet madness!
    ***photobucket JACKED everyone's photos I am in the process of switching to Google to host my photos***
    Here is the link to my PhotoBucket page where I am starting to put some of my stuff in **LINK REMOVED**

    I only use N52 Strength Neodymium magnets for my stuff because even the smallest ones at N52 have teriffic pull strength and I sometimes mix Metal parts with Plastic or Resin so I need the extra strength to hold the metal parts to the model.

    Here is the NEW link to my complete Magnet Minis Album in Google Photos
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