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    Gate of Contempt

    Gate of Contempt

    "They pick at lice,
    the dumb their wise.

    Enthroned in glory dark, am I hereby proclaimed insane,
    by inert lowly simpletons who care but for the grain?

    Great works in stone they quietly bemoan as heavy drain,
    and ask why giant portal must be built in empty plain?

    O why, o why?

    They are but mice,
    can't see the prize.

    I swear to holy Hashut and by His rending horns twain,
    stragglers and doubters will be whipped back into lane.

    Appeasing Father's molten fury I will ramp up all the slain,
    and by this hill o' skulls and bones remake our terrain.

    O why, o why?

    With reddened eyes,
    their deathly cries.

    Restful joy of hale and lowly thrall remains our foulest stain,
    so burden them with labour and lock on the rusty chain!

    Their bones will snap, their backs will break for cruelty, their bane,
    will haunt their dreams and breath awake alike under my reign!

    O why, o why?

    They mouthed their lies,
    we cut their ties.

    The smallfolk may complain and whine, as they die off like flies,
    but I, o mighty one, am risen to the skies!"

    - Chaos Dwarf song from the construction of the Gates of Zharr, during the reign of Zhargon the Great

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