The problem with scale and terrain has been bothering me since they announced the 8mm scale. Don't get me wrong, 6" titans sounds incredible, but all of those lovely Epic40K ruins and old FW buildings are simply not to scale. Sure third-party companies, and I'm quite sure FW themselves will step in, will provide some cool pieces. Still Why not think about truly MASSIVE buildings? Cities of death, modified of course, would look incredible as skyscrapers for titans striding through.

This could very well be a game that you can use cross-over terrain and we all know how much easier it is to that. What's more, I believe it could look truly incredible of done right. Think of the Manufactorum or any number of kits with thin walls. And for those of us that are feeling adventurous a little bit of plastic card to make doorways and such down to 8mm would be a nice touch. Food for thought.

P.S. I want a 30K Horus Heresy devoted room when the time is right as well as a painting and modeling of 8mm minis here on Warseer. I'd like to see Warseer own the Horus Heresy and Adeptus Titanicus.