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    Historical plastic kits in 28 mm

    I hope that some still remember the list of 28 mm hard plastic kits that I started on Warseer a couple of years ago. That list seems to have gone missing somewhere when Warseer got reborn, so I thought it would be time to re-start it here. However, since the original list had become long and a bit unwieldy, I will split it into multiple posts this time.

    Please notice that this list is intended to cover only those items that are fully plastic, so variant sets of existing plastics repacked with extra metal or resin bits are not listed. As an exception, some kits where plastic sprues are complemented by metal command figures are also covered, but only if those plastics are unique (ie. not available in other sets). Also kits that are not yet available on market are not listed. Vehicles and terrain are covered where they are specifically designed for 28 mm or 1/56 scale.

    Individual sprues available directly only from manufacturer are not listed, except in the cases of horses and weapons & accessories. Many manufacturers provide some of their sprues available also individually from their website, in addition to kits available through retailers, but these are not generally covered here - interested persons should check the manufacturer websites if they are interested in purchasing individual sprues.

    On the listing, figure kits will be organised by time period, and further grouped into related groups inside each time period. The names of the kits will be followed by an abbreviation of the manufacturer, placed in brackets. The manufacturer abbreviations are as follows:

    - Agema Miniatures (AM)
    - Conquest Games (CG)
    - Eccentric Miniatures (EM)
    - Fireforge Games (FG)
    - Gripping Beast (GB)
    - HäT Industrie (HI)
    - Immortal Miniatures (IM)
    - Perry Miniatures (PM)
    - Plastic Soldier Company (PSC)
    - Pro Gloria (PG)
    - Renedra Limited (RE)
    - Rubicon Models (RM)
    - Tabletop Workshop (TW)
    - Victrix Limited (VL)
    - Wargames Factory (WF)
    - Warlord Games (WG)

    Update: since some of the kits have passed from manufacturer to another during the years, I have now introduced (XX -> YY) notation for manufacturer, indicating kits that were originally designed by company XX but are currently manufactured/distributed by company YY.

    Update II: due to various issues, this list is limited to releases from year 2008 to year 2019. There is no intent to update the list with new releases from 2020 onwards.
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